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Did You Know You Can Use Coca-Cola to Remove Grease Stains?


We all make mistakes, and staining our clothing is one of them. For the fashionista that may not have a Tide pen handy, try using Coca-Cola to remove grease stains from fabric and clothing. This cheap alternative to expensive stain removers is great for the frugal fashionista. Grease stains can be difficult to remove, but they are no match for Coca-Cola.


To use Coca-Cola to remove your grease and oil stains, the steps are very simple. Add one can of Coca-Cola to your wash with the usual detergent. The carbonic and phosphoric acid are the main active agents that help break up the stains. Coca-Cola has more uses than the average soda. You can also use Coca-Cola to deodorize your clothing. See how you can remove heavy grease and oil stains from clothing by watching this video.

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How Have Millennial’s Influenced Our Music Culture?

Millennial’s have added their own flair to the way we receive and relate to music. Through social media platforms innovative millennial’s have changed how we engage with music and technology.


Millennial’s Share Music Through Social Media

Millennial’s use social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter the most communicate with their peers daily. These social media sites are used to share information through visuals and text. Millennial’s use sites like YouTube to upload videos, view others’ videos, and find information on various topics. Sites like YouTube have become the go-to for millennial’s to learn any type of new knowledge fast. YouTube plays a large part in the music world and millennials look to YouTube for the latest music videos. It is a popular platform for music artists to upload their music videos to share with the public. Twitter is another popular tool that many millennials use to communicate their thoughts to their followers. Millennials like to post about their experiences, and Twitter offers them the option to post real-time updates. Many millennials post about the music they are listening to, and post captions using lyrics from the hottest songs. 84% of millennial females ages 18-24, typically share updates on social after a music event.

Streaming is the Millennial Way

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There are several popular music streaming services that offer an alternative to traditional radio. Based on the research conducted by Pandora, millennial’s are the largest and most engaged audience on Pandora. Pandora believes that if you tap into the passion point of music you will be able to tune into millennials. Music streaming services like Pandora, study millennial behavior in hopes to gain knowledge of how to better target the millennial audience. Millennial males ages 18-24, spend approximately 35 hours a month listening to music on their mobile phones. Millennial’s rather stream music than listen to traditional radio. Based on Electric Jukebox’s survey, 44% of 18 to 24-year-old millennial’s find streaming to be easier. Streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play are popular services used by millennial’s. Per, 17% of millennials prefer Spotify, while 21% of millennials prefer iTunes. 93% of millennial’s use sites that serve ads prior to use, like Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube. Gen X and Baby Boomers still find CDs and radio to be more user-friendly. Per Music Alley, millennial’s make up 16% of total population of generation streaming music. In the eyes of a millennial having a streaming service with fewer commercials beats traditional radio commercials any day. With all the hours spent listening to music, who wants to hear annoying commercials?

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The Road to Club Rapunzel

Miami millennial, Monique Woodland is a 33-year old entrepreneur and the founder of Club Rapunzel, hair system. After having problems with her own hair, and nights of brainstorming and deliberating with friends, Club Rapunzel was birthed to  bring about a new hair care product to the market. Club Rapunzel is a 4-Step hair and growth program for heat, chemical or color damaged hair. Monique aims to help women repair and grow their hair while interacting with others to document their journeys publicly. The most important part of this program, is the added support from your peers as they partake in the Club Rapunzel hair journey with you. Monique is the expert in Club Rapunzel hair care and growth procedures. She has researched and sampled many of the competitors in her area. Her determination to find a worthy solution to growing stronger, healthier, and more beautiful hair with no success, led her to create Club Rapunzel.

This interview taught me that no idea is too small or too large. Monique was able to use Kickstarter to raise money for her business and to gain lots of followers. She always wanted her own business and even though she was afraid to ask for donations to start her business, it benefited her. Her campaign raised enough money to start her business and expand her business through her collaborations. Technology and social media has brought her company in front of a larger audience then she could have reached without.

Club Rapunzel can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On her Twitter page, you can find hair care posts engaging her followers to engage with her across social media platforms. The Club Rapunzel promotional video “Let down your hair! Club Rapunzel” has several views on YouTube. This video provides viewers with information about the Club Rapunzel program and how it works. Using video to promote your business is a current technology trend across industries. Monique has also used social media to effectively cross promote on multiple social platforms. To review Monique’s professional digital resume follow her on LinkedIn, which gives her viewers a way to connect with her and review her professional history. Monique offers her followers a personal relationship, and the ability to connect with her and others with the same hair problems. The journey to healthier hair can be a difficult without guidance and support. With the Club Rapunzel system, you will be able to grow and manage damaged hair in no time.

Millennials have found new and innovative ways to start new ventures. The usage of donation-based websites such as Go Fund Me and Kickstarter, have opened a new lane for building the entrepreneurial empire. Entrepreneurs can now brainstorm on an idea and request funding from their peers and friends of friends. This has started a new wave of new small businesses, through small donations. With technology at your fingertips you can now create a business with no money and turn it to profit.


Miami Women are Innovative Millennials

The focus is now on how innovative millennial’s affect technology trends in the creative industries. Monique Woodland and Alessandra Gold are Miami-based millennial’s that have introduced innovative products into the market. These female experts are based in the Miami area and have found innovative ways to manipulate their industry. Social media has aided these entrepreneurs in raising brand awareness and engaging with their targeted audience. They have found a way to use technology trends such as social media to refine their industry and connect with broader audiences.


Monique Woodland, founder of Club Rapunzel is a Miami millennial that started her own hair care business after having issues with her own hair. Monique wanted to create a system that promoted self-repair through hair repair. After nights of brainstorming and deliberating with friends, Club Rapunzel was born. Monique raised money for her company Club Rapunzel through Kickstarter. She created a campaign to raise money to start her business and received enough support that Club Rapunzel is here today. Monique uses all four of the most popular social media platforms to communicate with her followers.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.53.01 PM

On her Twitter page you can find posts engaging her followers to connect with her and view her latest video. The video “Let down your hair! Club Rapunzel” has several views on YouTube. Followers can view this video to find out information about Club Rapunzel and how it works. This promotional video is a prime example of using millennial technology trends. This is also entrepreneurship at its finest when you use social media effectively to cross promote on multiple platforms. You can also find Monique on LinkedIn, where she holds a professional digital resume that gives her network a way to connect with her and review her professional history. Google+ had the least amount of activity and engagement with her following.



Alessandra Gold, is a creative director and lead designer at Kruzin Footwear. Alessandra has changed the game by innovating stylish and super light-weight sneakers. This Miami millennial is also a well known and acclaimed fashion stylist. She created her own lane in the fashion industry and has used social media as a tool to strengthen her brand. With the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ she has built a network of fashionable followers from all around the globe.

Her post about millennial partners opening a flagship store in City Walk shows the significance of millennial collaborators. They have taken an idea and made it into reality by opening a line of retail locations and launching online e-commerce stores. She is a millennial that has innovated her way through the industry by connecting with like-minded professionals and building an empire through her creative vision. Through LinkedIn she is connected to a lot of well-known millennial pioneers in the industry.

A Great Day in Miami

On April 30, 2017, at three o’clock p.m., artists of various mediums joined together at Base Art Space in Miami, FL to capture the embodiment of local artists and creatives in this day and time. All the artists in this photo were invited by word of mouth. The brilliance of this photograph offers artists that have help mold the Miami culture through art, fashion, and music. They have also been big supporters of strengthening their communities.

Source: IamJournalistBurks

This photograph pays homage to the 1958 portrait of a historic crowd of jazz musicians that collectively made a great impact on the history of Jazz music. The story of these artists posing for this photograph and capturing this moment in time is legendary to this day.

Source: Art Kane,

One August morning, at a brownstone, between Madison & Fifth avenue on 126th Street in Harlem, New York, 57 artists stood at 10 a.m. to have their photo taken for a Jazz issue of Esquire magazine. This photo was taken by Art Kane, who pegged this moment as “the greatest picture of that era of musicians ever taken.”

The impact this photo has had on the art and music scene is everlasting. Visuals are a key element in our waking society. Capturing what you proclaim as art, can too be legendary. Thus, brings us the concept of A Great Day in Miami.

What better way to bring all the most notorious underground artists together than word of mouth? Now, who plans a large-scale photo without the use of technology? Do people function without social media to alert their followers of their every move? A Great Day in Miami is proof that people are still connected on this plane. This assures us that artists are still connected without truly having to be connected. People still seek out the real and the tangible when it comes to art, fashion, and music. They want to feel the energy of the project, and they want to be there.

Miami artists Marcus Blake, Dita Sharp, and Luis Valle at A Great Day in Miami. Source: IamJournalistBurks

Art is a culture in Miami, and we all breathe in the art daily as we live our lives unwillingly. We take it in as if advertisers are shoving it down our throats and don’t allow us to breathe without it. The locals have the power and the last call on what makes our city great. Miami provides a certain aesthetic other cities fail to offer. When it comes to art, Miami knows how to grab your attention and keep it. It’s always a Great Day in Miami.

Misdiagnosed: Life After a Stroke

On March 19, 2015, Ronnie Thompson passed out at work and was rushed to the ER due to a stroke. Ronnie Thompson is a 58-year-old stroke victim from Baltimore, MD. Mr. Thompson was misdiagnosed after having a stroke on his right side, which left him paralyzed on his whole left side of his body. The stroke was said to be caused by Mr. Thompson’s high blood pressure. Mr. Thompson was said to only have 72 hours to live when he was brought into the ER, but two years later he has surpassed every expectation.

At time of the stroke, Ronnie Thompson with daughter on March 19, 2015. Source: Danielle Dawson

Before the Stroke

Mr. Thompson lived a transparent and healthy life. He studied to be an herbalist, and had knowledge of many ways to naturally heal the human body. He exercised daily, and was a black belt in martial arts. His diet before the stroke consisted of supplements, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and Dr. Sebi Cell Food. Mr. Thompson tried different diets such as, the Mediterranean diet, vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian. Mr. Thompson also influenced the diet of his wife, and now caretaker Deborah Thompson. Deborah stated, “the doctor told us because of his healthy lifestyle it helped him to survive the stroke.” Before the stroke Mr. Thompson was very active. He wife stated, “he was loose, fast, and free.” He exercised, ran jumped, played, and lived life on his own terms. He was very free spirited.

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Ronnie Thompson before the stroke. Source: IamJournalistBurks



Source: IamJournalistBurks

After the Stroke

After being misdiagnosed, it took Mr. Thompson 6 months to attempt to stand and walk again. To be told you wouldn’t live past 72 hours, that you would be a vegetable, and never work or walk again, is disheartening. Now two years later he has come back into himself daily.“I feel like I will be able to walk again without any assistance,” stated Mr. Thompson. He was told he may never be able to use his left arm or leg again. Although, the doctors told him this they have been deemed unreliable so he pushes forward. The hospital suggested he take blood pressure medicine, vitamins, supplements, and herbs. He must watch his diet and eat a more plant based diet. The stroke affected Mr. Thompson’s cognitive functions, speech, ability to swallow, and other areas. Mr. Thompson is having to learn how to do simple functions, like writing his name or tying his shoes again.

Ronnie Thompson getting fitted in Baltimore, MD on March 17, 2017. Source: IamJournalistBurks


The Transition

Deborah has been with him every day since the stroke, and has watched him go from not being able to sit up on the side of the bed or drink with a straw, to eating solid food and standing on his own. Since he is left handed, he had to learn to right with his right hand. Deborah stated, “ He is strong, persistent, and motivated to walk.” He can now stand on his own, and she no longer has to pick him up. “It’s the best stroke I ever had!”, stated Mr. Thompson.  They don’t let it affect their lifestyle. She motivates him to push forward and not feel depressed or give up. Deborah stated, “He understands he may never work those limbs again.” They have been each other’s support system through this whole life-changing event.  Deborah stated, “We are in this to win this, this battle must be fought.” Mr. Thompson says this event made him stronger spiritually, and closer to God. He says he does the lords work now, and helps people. He appreciates his life more and the time with his family.

Deborah and Ronnie Thompson at Clyde’s in Columbia, MD on March 18, 2017. Source: IamJournalistBurks

Behind the Music: DJ Ivory P


In addition to the Behind the Art Series, this week’s article pin points the music industry from the eyes of a disc jockey. Behind the Music with DJ Ivory P, gives insight into the world of a disc jockey and his love for music. DJ Ivory P is a disc jockey (DJ), born and raised in Miami, FL. DJ Ivory currently works for iHeart radio and is a part of the #MixMob on 103.5 the Beat radio station. You can find his mix on 103.5 the beat Monday-Friday from 1:00am to 2:00am.

DJ Ivory has cultivated his love for music over the years. He began building his music collection at the age of 8. Over time, he developed his disc jockey skills by hosting college parties. After, getting booked to DJ for FIU’s fashion show, he found his lane in the music industry. He then went on to intern with iHeart radio while attending Florida International University. Soon after he was given a job at the radio station. DJ Ivory advanced by networking and making viable connections needed to begin building his brand.


Disc Jockeys, fall under several categories and are flexible when it comes to different techniques. Per, Disc Jockeys, a Radio DJ, is a person who plays songs on the radio and gives commentary. DJ Ivory would be considered a Radio DJ, Party DJ, and Club DJ based on the infographic. His company DJ Ivory Entertainment services offers audio mixing, hosting, equipment rental, and more.

To learn more about DJ Ivory P, follow him on Instagram @djivoryp or check out his website,

Mr. Kream Wynwood Makes Headlines

Adorned Photography


Since the grand opening of Mr. Kream they have received rave reviews. Mr. Kream is the newest addition to the Wynwood Miami art community. The ice cream lounge blends hip-hop culture, art, music, and ice cream into a one-stop shop.

Adorned Photography

Now available at Mr. Kream, you can find edible spray paint. You can now spray paint your ice cream! Not only is this ice cream delicious, you can make it a work of art! Each flavor of ice cream is unique in its on cultured way with a unique celebrity name. The hip-hop influenced decor and ice cream flavors adds a different touch to the ice cream lounge. The CW South Florida coined Mr. Kream, “the hottest new ice cream spot in Wynwood!”

Adorned Photography

Ice cream is one of the most consumed desserts in America. Based on Ice Cream Country The Cities and States that Eat the Most Ice Cream in America, Florida consumes 25% below average. This gave the owners of Mr. Kream the perfect opportunity to come in and help expand the hip-hop and ice cream community of Miami, Florida. There was definitely a need for a new type of ice cream parlor and Mr. Kream is just what the doctor ordered.


Mr. Kream has created an atmosphere for families, friends, and lovers of hip-hop to unite. You can even go on Saturday night and just hang out late night with friends or mingle. They offer live music, games, throwback movies and beer float specials. There is always a DJ spinning on the turntables located at the entrance. This hip-hop ice cream parlor is the new dope lounge spot in Wynwood to visit. Check out my article covering the grand opening of their venue by clicking here.

Adorned Photography

To learn more about Mr. Kream, follow them on Instagram @mrkreamwynwood or head to their website,

Behind the Art: Halla Moda

Halla Moda is an emerging New York City based artist and designer that has recently relocated to Miami Beach, FL. On February 23, 2017, Halla Moda performed a private interview and live painting session at his penthouse in Miami Beach, FL. He brings a new outlook to the arena on his interpretation of life and art. His art is inspired by everyday events, and historical events that helps us to shape our future and present. He has used his aesthetic to mold his work into a twist of old notions and historical themes with a modern baseline. “I take from older renaissance works and give a modern graffiti twist to it,” stated Mr. Moda.

Halla Moda is known for his works with various types of mediums. He uses acrylics, oil paints, spray paint, embellishments, Swarovski crystals, and even glow in the dark paint. Every garment is a one-of-a-kind custom made piece. That will not be duplicated, nor can it be replicated.

Halla Moda custom spray painted a jumpsuit as a new addition to the “Bunni Cat” collection for me to take home. He freestyled the jumpsuit in the video and it came out dope. As depicted in the video he uses several different techniques to merge art and fashion. His newest collaboration “Bunnicat” features characters from a new cartoon series Mr. Moda is currently developing.

Mr. Moda stated, “I am in the business of art and fashion, I am in the business of uniting people, I am in the business of making a difference in the way people behave, I like to challenge people’s societal norms.”

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